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Intraoral Camera

What is an intraoral camera?

Intraoral camera is one of the latest tools used in dentistry. It is a handheld electronic device especially made to help the dentist see every surface of the mouth or “visualization”. At Smile and Shine dental practice, we extensively use intraoral cameras to improve our services and ensure that dental problems are identified as early as possible and our patients are happy and comfortable with their treatments.

If you’re curious to know how intraoral cameras work and how they can help dentists, here are some facts that will give answers to your queries.

How does the Intraoral Camera Work?

Intraoral cameras is shaped like an electric toothbrush with a narrow tip containing the camera lens. The device is designed to fit the oral cavity conveniently. The camera comes in various models with different features like pixels, zoom, and clarity. The electronic device consists of a monitoring system that can display and record the camera feed.

Are Intraoral Cameras Safe?

Yes, Intraoral Cameras are specifically designed for dental purposes keeping patient’s safety and comfort in mind. There is highly any possibility with intraoral cameras to have any safety-related issues unless it is incorrectly used. Hence, it is highly recommended that only trained professionals should be handling such advanced tools.

IntraOral Camera Dentist in Roseville

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